BORA VODKA craft is rich in history derived from 14th Century Russia. Vodka was considered a “spirit” wine due to the fact of being distilled with grapes and English spirits. Proceeding WWII consumption of Russian Vodka began to rapidly increase in United States. Vodka was originally used to medicate patients and contained around 14 percent alcohol. Vodka can be distilled from many sources including but not limited to rye, wheat, potatoes, whey and even sugar cane. Modern vodka alcohol content is commonly 40 to 55 percent. In 2021 2G LAND & CATTLE Co. in conjunction with Master Distiller RD Sowers Jr. crafted and distilled from finest organic corn produce to create BORA VODKA Oklahoma USA. A Modern-day gluten free vodka. The distilling process includes unique complex filtering flute steel six times through double carbon filtration system and aged to perfection. It is distributed throughout originating state of Oklahoma and other national¬† communities in Mid-West with prominent outlook to expand internationally.¬†


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